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January 30, 2006

More WiFi trains

You can try to apply makeup in your mirror or butter your toast with your shifting hand, but beyond those dangerous activities, there isn't much in the way of productive activity that you can do behind the wheel of a car apart from driving. One of the big benefits of taking the train over driving is that the commute is transformed from a waste to an opportunity to get work done or sleep. The Chicago-to-Indiana South Shore Line has a new plan to make riders even more productive:

CHESTERTON, Ind. -- Commuters on the South Shore rail system may soon be able to use their laptop computers and cell phones while riding the line between South Bend and Chicago.

Officials at the Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District say they're working on a deal to bring wireless service to commuters through the same technology used for communication in NASCAR racing.

Riders would be able to access wireless service through a mesh network managed by Concourse Communications Group of Chicago, South Shore General Manager Gerry Hanas said.

The South Shore Line claims to be the first commuter line to offer WiFi, but Amtrak has tried this before.

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I wouldn't be so dismissive of the Alaskan Way work, since there are some serious concerns about its ability to withstand an earthquake like the one that hit nearby Olympia a few years ago.

Posted by: rj3 at February 1, 2006 05:37 PM
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