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June 10, 2004

When Will Those Houstonites Learn?

On Monday, the 43rd crash with a Houston light rail train occured, when a driver ignored a no-left-turn sign and and tried to U-turn in front of a train. They're going to have to start giving intelligence tests as part of the driving exam if this keeps up.

Full story (short though it is) at

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The problem: from about 1990 till 1997 or 1998, Texans could get driver's licenses just by passing driving school; that is, no Department of Public Safety official or other unbiased third party ever had to see you drive. Most Texas teens go to private driving schools, as driver's ed at HS is so over-subscribed that most places give priority to juniors and seniors (driving age is 16, meaning lots of sophomores with licenses).

Most driving schools seemed a little lax. My instructor flat out told my mom that even though I had a perfect score on the written test, he really shouldn't have passed me on the practical and that she really needed to work with me the few months before I got my license. I never heard of anyone getting failed out of driving school.

The result? Accident rates for teen drivers soared.

My home state is brilliant like that.

I wonder what percentage of the light-rail kamikazis are around my age?

Posted by: Amanda at June 11, 2004 05:28 PM
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