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May 24, 2004

Breaking News: Higher Gas Prices Lead People to Look to Alternative Modes of Transportation

The Wichita Eagle reports that as gas prices go up, people look to other, less expensive ways to get around. Surprisingly, people in Kansas are buying fewer SUVs and riding busses more frequently. This revelation warranted a front page story in the Eagle, could a Pulitzer be far behind?

Also in transit news:

-For the local folks: A CSX train hit an killed a Gaithersburg, MD man.

-For the T riders: MBTA officials may conduct random identification checks this summer.

-For the Canadians: The worlds largest maker of rail equipment, Montreal-based Bombardier Inc, is paying $85,000 US per day in late penalties to Las Vegas for failing to deliver technology for the city's ambitious monorail project. Bombarfier also faces penalties for late delivery of light rail cars for a new transit system in Minneapolis.

-And for the astronomy transit geeks: A "Transit of Venus" will occur on June 8.

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